Stonecare refreshes the natural stone of Asia Tower
Recently, Stonecare – the professional care and maintenance service of Vinastone has provided natural stone polishing and impregnation services for Asia Tower – one of class A buildings in Hanoi.After 5 years in use, Tan Brown Granite at the lobby and reception areas of the building has lost its shine and colour. This made Asia Tower look older and reduced its aesthetic.    
How to use and care for a kitchen island tabletop made of Granite?
Kitchen island tabletops made of Granite are more and more popular in modern kitchens. Proper use and taking good care of a Granite kitchen island tabletop will keep its beauty and increase its longevity. Followings are some of Vinastone’s suggestions.
Post-construction care for natural stone
Natural stone may encounter problems that need professional treatment to ensure the beauty of natural stone right after finishing construction and installation. If there is only dust on natural stone surface, then just use specialized cleaning products such as Neugel or Algafloor.
Care and maintenance of natural stone wall
Natural stone is commonly used for interior wall and exterior wall in private house and commercial projects. For natural stone in these categories, proper cleaning and regular maintenance  is very important to maintain the beauty of natural stone.
Proper cleaning for unpolish surface
Besides polish surface, unpolish surfaces like honed, flamed, bush-hammered…surface are widely used for flooring, wall…Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on these surfaces. Long time accumulation of dirt and dust can badly affect the beauty of natural stone.    
Anti-Slip treatment for natural stone floor
Floors in bathrooms, swimming pools or gardens are exposed to weather, therefore these surface easily get wet, mold and moss. To avoid this, natural stone used in these categories should be initial impregnated before installation as well as periodically.    
Care for natural stone in shower stall
Shower stall is widely selected by many family. Combined with modern bathroom equipment and accessories, shower stall really becomes an ideal relaxing place for the whole family. Natural stone is one of the most preferred material for wall and floor in shower stalls          
Impregnator for natural stone
Reasons and issues related to impregnation of natural stone were discussed in Natural stone sealing . Which kind of impregnators should be used? It depends on each kind of natural stone as well as the applications. Vinastone would like to introduce two product lines of impregnators: water based impregnator and solvent based impregnator.  
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