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Which problems your natural stones is encountering?
Stains caused by tea, coffee, alcohol, water absorption
Stain by oil
Stain by cement
Yellow stain natural stone

Stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, ... can be difficult to remove if we don't have right solutions in time. These stains can appear on stone surface of floor, reception counters, buffet area… 

Vết bẩn do dầu mỡ


 Kitchen area use a lot of stone for floors, countertops, walls… This areas easily get dirty while cooking, dinning or cleaning. Oil, grease or food, drinks are typical stains. If these stains aren't treated in time, they become harder to remove.





Vết mỡ bẩn dầu mỡ


Vết bẩn do xi măng, hồAfter completion of the natural stone tiles for wall, floor ... There are stains caused by cement, glues and other stains caused in the construction process. These stains often get dry and sticked to the surface of natural stone. 

Vết bẩn ố vàng trên đá tự nhiênThe yellow stains on natural stone is born inside the stone itsel as there is oxide of iron still remaining in stone. After a period of using time, they are pushed up to the surface and react with oxygen to create yellow stains.  

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