Daily activities can cause stains on natural stone, badly affect the surface. There are many stains which are caused by different reasons :

  • Oil stains (i.e. any type of vegetable oil, certain mineral oils – motor oil, butter, margarine, melted animal fat, cosmetics, etc.) can leave a dark stain which can be difficult to remove. Organic stains (i.e. coffee, tea, fruit juices, tobacco, paper, food, urine, leaves, bark, bird droppings, etc.) can leave a yellow, pink to brown stains.
  • Metal stains (i.e. iron, rust, copper, bronze, etc.) have orange to brown colors and shape like what create them such as nails, latches, screws, flower vases, metal furniture,...
  • Biological stains (i.e. algae, fungi, lichens, mosses, etc.) or ink stains (i.e. pen, ink, flares, etc.) or paint, fire, smoke stains can also damage the surface
  • Stains caused by the stone’s characteristic.



Cleaning stains, mold, grease ... especially the stain removal is always a challenge. The outstanding strength on stain removal product line of Faber (Italy) will quickly kick the stains off without changing the stone surface. Vinastone will consult the suitable products for each type of natural stone.

Stonecare provide specific products and services for natural stone for residential clients, including:


Kitchen area use a lot of stone for floors, countertops, walls… This areas easily get dirty while cooking, dinning or cleaning. Oil, grease or food, drinks are typical stains. If these stains aren't treated in time, they become harder to remove.


With dedicated cleaning products for natural stone produced by Faber (Italy) such as MAR GELMAR GEL PLUSNO MAR GELOXIDANTNO OILFABER POULTICE...Stonecare can make your kitchen clean and shinny.

Floors is usually largest stone applied area and easily get dirty. Stains by tea, wine, coffee, dust… are typical stains. In addition, floor stains may change its color to yellow after long time.


You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

Stone floor, wall in bathroom is easy get wet, remain water after using. So if you don't follow the stone user guide, stain, rust… will appear. Stain removal is always a challenge in this area.


If stone surface in your bathroom begin to dirty, change color...please pick up your phone and call us to be served by professinal cleaning.

Recomment products: MAR GELCOTTOSOLVDEC 21.

You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

Natural stone wall have less contact to the source of the stains, but if they're not properly cared, stains, mold can appear. 


Stonecare provide products and service specific for stone wall as:   MAR GELCOTTOSOLVDEC 21

You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

Façade is directly affected by the sun, rain, wine, dust… therefore stone at facade easily gets dirty, mold… . Maintaining the clean façade is essential because this is the first area people look at when they visit your home.


If your stone facade have stains, please call us for professinal cleaning service.

Recommended products:  MAR GELCottosolvDEC 21

You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

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