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Daily activities can cause stains on natural stone, badly affect the surface. There are many stains which are caused by different reasons :

  • -Oil stains (i.e. any type of vegetable oil, certain mineral oils – motor oil, butter, margarine, melted animal fat, cosmetics, etc.) can leave a dark stain which can be difficult to remove. Organic stains (i.e. coffee, tea, fruit juices, tobacco, paper, food, urine, leaves, bark, bird droppings, etc.) can leave a yellow, pink to brown stains.
  • -Metal stains (i.e. iron, rust, copper, bronze, etc.) have orange to brown colors and shape like what create them such as nails, latches, screws, flower vases, metal furniture,...
  • -Biological stains (i.e. algae, fungi, lichens, mosses, etc.) or ink stains (i.e. pen, ink, flares, etc.) or paint, fire, smoke stains can also damage the surface.
    -Stains caused by the stone’s characteristic.


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-Cleaning stains, mold, grease ... especially the stain removal is always a challenge. The outstanding strength on stain removal product line of Faber (Italy) will quickly kick the stains off without changing the stone surface. 

Vinastone will consult the suitable products for each type of natural stone.

Stonecare provide specific products and services for natural stone for residential clients, including:


Stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, ... can be difficult to remove if we don't have right solutions in time. These stains can appear on stone surface of floor, reception counters, buffet area… Stonecare is always ready to provide stains removal solutions on stone surface with specific products like: NO MAR GEL | OXIDANT | NO OIL | COLOURED STAIN REMOVER | OIL & GREASE REMOVER | FABER POULTICE.

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You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

Kitchen in hotels, restaurals, office building, commercial use  

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You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here



Yellow stains can appear on stone surface, especially in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, facades. Removing yellow stains require careful analysis, research the origin cause of the stains. Stonecare experts are always ready to survey, analyze to have appropriate treatment solution for each type of yellow stains. Please contact us if your stone items have similar problems.

 Vet o ban tren san

 Recommend products: MAR GEL | MAR GEL PLUS | OXIDANTO.

  You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

The stains on the wall, facade can affect the aesthetics of the whole buildung. Thus, care and clean facade should be paid special attention. Treating stains on the stone surface of wall, especially facade is not easy because this is large outdoor vertical surface.

Vet ban tren tuong.

With cleaning equipment and specialized products such as MAR GEL | MAR GEL PLUS | OXIDANT, Stonecare will help remove stains on natural stone wall, facade, maintaining beauty of building.

You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here.

There are many reason that cause yellow stains on natural stone: Dust, the water absorption, by the iron oxidized inside stone ... Treating yellow stain completed is always a challenge. Please contact Stonecare for consulting about the yellow stains.

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You can order "Stain Removal" service online by click here

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