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Which problems your natural stones is encountering?
Loss of polish
Scratches on surface
Stains caused by high traffice

After a period of using time, depending on the use and frequency of use, natural stone items such as flooring, lobby, stairs (which have much more friction due to high traffic) or walls, toilets, kitchen table (under the effects of temperature, corrosion, grease...) make natural stone blurred, loss of its original polishness.   

Độ bóng sàn đá lúc đầu Sàn đá tự nhiên bị mất độ bóng

Due to high traffic, natural stone in floor and lobby not only lose the polish but also get scratched.  The scratches on the surface of natural stone decrease the beauty and make it more vulnerable to stains.

Sàn đá tự nhiên được phục hồi như ban đầu Sàn đá tự nhiên bị xước và mất độ bóng

Vết bẩn cứng đầuTypically, natural stone in floor and lobby area, under high traffice, can easilly get scratched and stained. If not removed in time, stains will become hard to be cleaned away.   

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